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tv   Journal  LINKTV  February 9, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> you are watching "the journal," coming to you live from dw in berlin. bombshell result in the swiss referendum as boaters say yes to opposing quotas on immigration. the bad boy of arthouse is back. we get the verdict on a nymphomaniac. at the winter olympics, germany wins its first gold of the games.
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in switzerland have giving their backing to quotas on immigration in a referendum that appears to have let the country down the middle. 50.3% supported the proposal with 30,000 vote splitting the two sides. the result, the impact could be huge, especially on relations with the european union. >> there was cheering at the headquarters of the swiss people's party, the right wing s dp persuaded 30% of voters to limit immigration from eu states. the swiss government is required to issue immigration caps in three years. it shows how divisive the immigration debate has become. more people looking for work than there are jobs. >> i think the swiss economy
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needs all these people coming from abroad. and that's one part. in the second part, of course, it will be very bad -- to europe. >> but it may have said switzerland on a collision course with leaders in brussels. and it's just what opponents have pretty good. >> -- have predicted. >> it is painful because we do not know what the future will bring. we will have to work with europe and examine the implications. >> switzerland is not a part of the eu, but it has signed treaties ensuring close ties. among those are agreements that open borders. the referendum means that treaties will have to be renegotiated. >> our correspondent joins us on the line from geneva. andreas, this result came as a bit of a surprise. what swung it? not surprised.
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in the past few weeks, you could see the propaganda of the right more interest than the support from members of the other local parties mainly because of the arguments about too many people occupying train s and road tracks, etc, and bringing up the rent for housing . so it was not so much the economic claim of competition, which is not true at all. it is propaganda. but the other argument -- not enough space anymore for the swiss, and they're being twice as many foreigners in 20 years. , however monday and the reason for it, the implications could be quite a. tell us what this result means for relations with the eu? >> the eu, as soon as coming --
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they might postpone the signing of two new bilateral agreements with switzerland. one of them was supposed to the jurisdiction of the european court over switzerland. and the swiss government would implement it, we will see eu canceling seven bilateral agreements. this would be much more to the disadvantage to the overall swis s economy but also to the people who so far could travel and work freely in the european union. >> thank you. we will have to leave it there. aid workers have resumed operations in the syrian city of homs. food and medical supplies were attacked on saturday, wounding a driver. rebel and government troops
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blame each other for the assault. hundreds of people have been evacuated and food parcels have been delivered to civilians who are still trapped in the city. tens of thousands as antigovernment protesters have turned out for a rally at independence square in the ukrainian capital kiev. the opposition leader called on the eu to introduce actions against young coach -- ya nokovic, and demanded snap elections. many marchers marched blindfold at. there have been master ministrations since -- demonstration since november. urged afghanistan to sign a bilateral agreement with the united states, governing the ongoing presence of international troops there after the majority withdrawal at the end of this year. the foreign minister told his
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afghan counterpart that the agreement with the u.s. was relevant for germany and other european countries. they said berlin would only continue to provide help with training after 2014 if the president signs the deal. --, danish director lars is known for his provocative films. he's once agiaain giving fans something to talk about. his new movie "nymphomaniac" is a drama about obsession and addiction. it is part one depicting a woman's sexual life from puberty to 50. he's described his film is pornographic, but don't worry. there is a less explicit version. scott roxborough is there.
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this is a controversial film, not just because of the subject matter but because of its director. and that controversy has continued in berlin today. though surprisingly not from the director who makes a career out of making a scandal wherever he goes. this time, it was one of his who hashia lebeouf, quite a few scandals. at the press conference, he read a bizarre statement quoting a famous press conference from years ago and stormed off leaving everyone baffled, wondering what was happening. and then just a couple hours later on the red carpet, he appeared with a paper bag over his head. written on it: i am no longer famous. crazy things happening around this film. i'm starting to think the directors nuttiness is
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contagious. i hope i do not get too close to him. >> you had better watch out. let's talk about the film itself. what's yorur views? is this the director honing that bad boy image or does he have something to say? >> i think you have to separate the marketing for the film. the marketing is definitely trying to create a scandal. everybody is talking about the movie. the movie itself is not that. it is a dark drama. definitely not for everyone, but i would call it pornographic. it's slow at time. it is not sensation for sensation sake. if you like the director, you'll like this movie. if you do not like him, i would advise you to stay far away. >> thank you very much. well, to the winter olympics now where germany has grabbed its first medal at the sochi games.
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ae lord of the luge outpaced field of competitors defending his victory four years ago in vancouver. russia claimed silver and italy won the bronze. with it a record sixth medal in six linda games. -- olympic games. earlier, there was an update -- upset in the men's downhill. here is a round up. russia landed their first gold on sunday in the team figure skating event. in front won the skate of president putin. canada and the u.s. took silver and bronze. in the women's biathlon, slovakia defended her 7.5 kilometer sprint title. she beat the local star and ukraine to the top of the
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podium. mayer delivered austria's first gold medal. snatchedyear old gold, despite never nearing one worlder having won a cup. the women'srth in 3000 meters speed skating. the netherlands secure their second fogold of the game. the czech republic took silver. and russia claimed bronze. >> our sports correspondent is in sochi. she sent us this wrap of the days events. >> it's been a very exciting second day of the linda games in sochi with many exciting
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repetitions, and the most popular one being the men's downhill, where everybody was looking at bode miller, the u.s. star, who was hoping to win one of his last metals but he failed. suddenly made a couple of mistakes and in the end he did not even make it to the podium. a young austrian won the gold. mayer. that was the first gold medal for the austrian team in men's downhill in 12 years. they were touring a lot, while the u.s. team was very disappointed. there was a good reason to cheer theyr russians today for finally witnessed the first two metals. the first one was in speed skating and the second one in biathlon, a silver medal. so finally, the russian team, the supporters had a good reason to cheer up. and this is hopefully a signal
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for the upcoming days, because so far, i must say that we are missing the local supporters of the russian team. the atmosphere is pretty quiet. today, when i went to the speed skating stadium, several seats had been empty. of thee hoping it was russian team will be able to rise over the following days. >> you can see more about the winter olympics on the website. at on to the bundesliga. stuttgart lost 4-1 at home to the bavarians. he opened up the scoring after 35 minutes before hahn added to the tally. he openede kickoff, up a four-point gap over their rivals.
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well, on saturday hamburg's nightmare season went from bad to worse with the defeat to berlin. it was his sixth loss in a row. one step closer to relegation. >> defeat, dishonesty, despair. after another spineless display and a record sixth loss in a row, hamburg are in freefall. was theer penalty save only bright spot on a grim day for people who looked shellshocked. they scored from another set piece. this time it was ramos who struck again to make it 3-0 before halftime. to make ans 14 goals
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elite's -- the league's top scorer. >> let's check out the rest of the results on the weekend. dortman thumped brehman. neighbords.their the first chance came after 18 minutes. ease for what would be his 12th goal of the season. a rare treat as a goal from their captain. hoffenhiem split points. well, that brings us to the end of this addition of "the journal." the latest headlines, follow was online on thanks for watching and see you
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next time. >> on monday, dozens of iranian exiles gathered in berlin to protest a visit by the iranian foreign minister. they accused iran of its people and crushing dissent. the demonstrators say the new iranian government cannot be trusted anymore than the old one. that is despite a marked change in diplomatic tone, including a public acknowledgment of the holocaust. >> a or a fine tragedy occurred. -- horrifying tragedy occurred and it should never occur again. soughtonday, zarif
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to play down -- the nuclear issue. he said a deal could be struck with the west by july or earlier. >> another prominent case of tax evasion hit german headlines. a leading women's rights activists voluntarily disclosed account. swiss bank germany's social democrats want this legal clause removed. law has to be changed. sa it stands, it can make it appealing to heist huge assets from the tax authorities. people might think that if push comes to shove, they can always fill in a form and escape punishment. she's only one ina growing list of tax dodgers. the trial of the buy in munich club president
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starts next month. >> thousands of homes were left without power in eastern europe monday. poland was thinking beneath the snow. the cold weather has killed 50 people in poland this year. turkish prime minister was in berlin on tuesday ahead of the visit, german politicians highlighted a set of concerns about the direction turkey is ta king. the suppression of protest and the attacks on the independence of the judiciary. erdogan played it down. were organized structures working against democracy and stability. by taking the right positioning, the attackers have been repelled. >> despite the growing criticism, erdogan demanded that
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germany do more to push turkey's candidature for european union membership. merkel repeated her position that she is skeptical about turkey becoming a full member of the eu. the turkish, parliament approved legislation that would tighten the government's control of the internet. the law forces internet providers to release information on users on request. it allows the government to block websites without a court order. on to stay, libya announced it had completely destroyed its chemical weapons arsenal -- on tuesday. the foreign minister spoke of in a stork moment for the country. international experts confirmed the elimination of libya's last two tons of mustard gas. the weapons were inherited from the former dictator qaddafi. salvadorian fishermen
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arrived on the marshall islands after an odyssey. he claims to be adrift since december, 2012. a companion died, but he irds.ved on sea fish and b he will return home once he is well enough to travel. unon wednesday, the committee on the rights of the child issued a report accusing the catholic church of adopting policies that failed to deal with pedophile priests. >> the code of silence that was imposed by the church on children and the fact that reporting international law enforcement authorities has never been made compulsory. >> recently, it was revealed that 400 priests had left the priesthood since 2011 because of accusations of child molestation. policy is to investigate the
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allegations internally. the un committee says that is insufficient. finding is that the whole issue has adopted practices which have led to the continuation of the abuse by and the impunity of perpetrators. >> the vatican accused the un of distorting facts, saying it has not taken into account the many changes introduced to protect children. is stepping up its effort to bring an end to the political deadlock in ukraine. on wednesday, catherine ashton came with an offer of financial help in exchange for political reform. it is unlikely to be as much as the 11 billion euros place by russia. towe are more than willing support a process, which i think is extremely important. >> german foreign minister
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earlier threatened the ukraine with sanctions even though progress was made in negotiations. germanoned the ambassador and demanded more restraint. opposition leaders in ukraine have moved closer to a compromise. they said they no longer ruled out working with the government. means going against the wishes of their supporters. >> this is about the destiny of this country and i am ready to lose my approval rating in order to save the country. >> the antigovernment demonstrators in downtown kiev to they want yanokovic resign. >> german president was in india on wednesday to talk about improving ties and fighting poverty. he praised india's achievement as a democracy, but he raised the issue of women's and gay rights. he also called for reform of the
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united nations. germany and india are seeking permanent seats on the security council. snow festival kicked off in northern japan on wednesday. it featured 200 works cracked it out -- crafted out of ice. this year, the sculptures had a definite olympic theme. german defense minister visited a european union training mission in mali thursd ay. 250 german soldiers are to train front line malian troops. they ruled out german involvement in the combat mission against islamist rebels. >> it is not covered by the mandate. we are here in a training capacity. the malian army has to employ
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its capability and affiliates responsibility in country. berlin is committed to more military involvement alongside allies. this week, parliament extended the army's mandate for humanitarian intervention missions in in africa. u.s. assistant secretary of state victoria newland sparked outrage in the eu. hours after she met with ukraine's president, audio over a recent phone conversation between her and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine was leaked and posted on the internet with russian subtitles. newland said she would welcome un involvement in resolving the crisis. thatsed an expletives discouraged the eu's effort. >> exactly. i think we have to do something to make it stick together. >> she quickly apologized for her choice of words, which was described as angela merkel as
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totally unacceptable. the u.s. blamed russia for leaking the phone conversation. >> the berlin film festival opened on thursday evening. it was a star-studded affair with some of the world's top actors walking the red carp et. including the cast of the opening movie "the grand budapest hotel." a the film, fiennes plays concierge. the story revolves around his relationship with the new bellboy. in europe, between the wars, what has been called a love letter to the continent was shot in the german city. wes anderson managed to test the star? >> we are promised long hours and low wages.
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and stale bread. >> the 64th edition of the berlin film festival runs until february 16. >> on friday, more than 80 civilians were evacuated from rebel hills areas in syria. the government is allowing women, children, and men over 55 to leif. -- to leave. this is progress that started from the peace talks last month. homs is one of the main battlegrounds in the syrian civil war. 2,500 people about are trapped. >> in bosnia, public anger over a lack of jobs and corruption boiled over on the third day of violence on friday. rubberin sarajevo used
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bullets. scores of protesters were injured. the worst riots had been in the city of tusla where protesters set fire to two government buildings. >> the 22nd winter olympics began in sochi firiday. >> i'm really thrilled to the ideals behind the games. people come from all over the world to share this experience. >> russia is hosting the most expensive winter olympics ever and aiming to prevent is good and -- to present as good an image as ever. 40,000 members of the police are guarding the event. there are warships off the coast. here.urity is very big
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we need to make sure everything runs smoothly and nothing goes wrong. >> 2,900 athletes are hoping the same as they chase the chance of one of the 98 gold medals. 
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>> today, at my direction, the united states launched a targeted operation in abbottabad, pakistan. after a firefight, they killed osama bin laden, and took custody of his body. >> earlier this year, america shot dead the al-qaeda leader in his hiding place in pakistan. publicly, pakistan is one of america's closest allies, yet every step of the operation was kept secret from it. this series tells the hidden story of how, for a decade, pakistan deceived america and the west, and was then found out.


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